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Regional Business Solutions Manager is responsible for coordination, planning, management and execution of multiple related IT projects and activities that are directed toward strategic, business or organizational objectives for a specific region. The primary objective of this position is to provide leadership and support to crossfunctional regional IT teams to ensure that all team members deliver efficient and effective service to the regional business teams. Regional Business Solutions Manager must be able to lead and motivate regional IT team members and to facilitate teamwork and collaboration at all levels and across business and IT. Excellent oral and written communications skills and ability to present technical information in a way that establishes rapport, persuades others and gains understanding, are a must for this position, as well as ability to operate under dual reporting (Business, IT).
Has overall responsibility for planning, directing and coordinating IT activities pertaining to regional projects/rollouts and alignment of these projects with Nalco enterprise level initiatives.
Ensures that project goals are accomplished and in line with business objectives and specifically with regional goals and focus.
Is responsible for managing the team of application management personnel responsible for delivering application solutions to the region.
Is familiar with and monitors all major project activities, ensuring the currency, quality and integrity of the information, while maintaining visibility and status of projects within both region and corporate IT.
Works closely with the business and IT community in determining how project methodology (scrum or waterfall) might assist in addressing specific project needs, and establishes the framework for these projects
Understands how to leverage applications for competitive advantage
Manages a dynamic team of individuals who constantly search for creative ways to elevate the capabilities of application solutions and project capabilities to meet business needs
Provides leadership and support to crossfunctional regional IT team (infrastructure, applications, client services) to ensure that all team members deliver efficient and effective service to regional business teams.
Consults with business and IT leadership and reviews application project proposals to determine goals, time frame, funding limitations, procedures for accomplishing project, staffing requirements and allotment of resources.
Develops project plans, specifying goals, strategy, staffing, scheduling, risks, contingency plans and allocation of available resources within region.
Identifies and schedules project deliverables, milestones and required tasks using selected methodology.
Ensures that all IT services are delivered efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of business organizations within the region.
Partners with IT peers to ensure clear and consistent communication.
Coordinates recruitment or assignment of project and support personnel within region.
Assigns duties, responsibilities and scope of authority to project and support personnel.
Directs and coordinates activities of project and support personnel to ensure all activities within region progress on schedule and within budget.
Reviews status reports prepared by project personnel, and modifies schedules and plans as required.
Prepares project status reports, and keeps business and IT leadership and others informed of the status and related issues.
Confers with project personnel to provide advice and resolve problems.
Assumes key overall responsibility for ensuring that business users have easy access to information that is useful to them.
Manages regional business application projects from inception to successful implementation:
Gets regional projects/rollouts off the ground, keeps them on track and on budget, and resolves issues with business partners
Monitor progress and performance against plan.
Provides leadership and motivation to regional IT team members.
Communicates plans, status and issues to business and IT leadership.
Leads the effort in creative approaches to problem
Regime de Contratação:
A combinar
Informações Adicionais:
Full proficiency in English, Spanish and Portuguese
Ability to manage business application projects from inception to successful implementation
Understanding of how to leverage business applications for competitive advantage
Solid understanding of project management methodologies
Expertise in setting and managing customer expectations
Skill in conceptualizing creative solutions, as well as cumenting them and presenting them to senior management
Strong knowledge and understanding of business needs, with the ability to establish and maintain a high level of customer trust and confidence
Strong customer focus and ability to manage client expectations
Ability to communicate needs and schedules to IT and clients, as well as ensure that plans are in place and standards are adhered to
Solid project management skills with ability to multitask and manage multiple small to large projects in a crossfunctional environment
Ability to blend creative, problemsolving, and technical skills for refining existing theories or developing new system approaches to seize opportunities and sustain business success
Demonstrated ability to lead and motivate staff to apply skills and techniques to solve dynamic problems
Excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as ability to present and explain technical information in a way that establishes rapport, persuades others and gains understanding
Strong teamwork and interpersonal skills at all management levels
Ability to operate under a dual reporting relationship (IT, business)

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